We strongly encourage our students to step into research. From Master- and PhD level on, we offer connections, support and carrer paths for young talents.


There are several ways to get a PhD while working at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences. The main paths are: 

  • Enrolling in a joint doctoral program with CUAS and another University. In this case, the PhD is fully funded and working on your PhD is 100% part of your job description (e.g. BRAIN.DOC). 

  • Enrolling in a university based doctoral program related to your current job position at CUAS. Depending on your contract, you can maybe devote some work time to your PhD, but the main advantage is the synergy between your PhD topic and your work at CUAS, including access to the resources of CUAS (formal or informal supervision, connection to other researchers, access to laboratories and technological equipment, etc.). 

  • Enrolling in any university based doctoral program without a link to your current job position at CUAS. In this case you do your PhD mainly in our free time. You are at any time entiteled to do so, but we encourage you to search for synergies within CUAS and use the support provided. 


The PhD network is connecting all researchers and employees at CUAS who are currently enrolled in a doctoral program at any University in Austria or abroad. The network aims to provide structures for networking and supporting each other. It is open to all who are writing a PhD or consider doing so. 

Please reach out to the PhD-network for further information and support. The network meets on a regular basis and hosts events like the Long Night of Writing. If you have no access to teams or the intranet (yet), please contact us directly: 


KONTAKT Gloria Bottaro 

KONTAKT Sascha Fink 

Study & Work


With over 80 Study & Work partner companies and organizations, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences offers first-year students of a bachelor's or master's degree program the opportunity to combine their studies with a career. 

This attractive offer gives students the chance to immediately put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain professional experience in Carinthia's leading companies. 

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