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We strive every day to improve the futures of our students and companies in Carinthia.

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In this section we need an extra text for introduction to research areas. We could use the explanaiton text from the research strategy...


Die gezeichneten Hände sind Vorschläge  - die Grafiken müsste man sowieso neu Zeichnen, weil wir die Rechte für die gezeichneten Hände nicht haben. Deshalb gerne auch andere Handgesten überlegen oder überhaupt andere Vorschläge zur Visualisierung machen. Wir hatten ja auch einmal über Formen gesprochen - Kugel, Quader und Pyramide... Vll. könnten uns die Architekten da was zeichnen ;)



In this research area, we bundle a wide range of technical and technological research in the fields of microelectronics and robotics, sensoring and drohne applications, energy and mechatronics. We are proud of our special expertise in 3D printing, combined with material science (research on different printing materials), as well as the combination 3D-printing and robotics. Furthermore, CUAS is commited to the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) which is evident in various research projects about green transition.

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Research about body and health, society and economy, interaction and culture. In this research area, we explore human experience on various levels like physical and psychical health and aging, migration and multiculturalism, societal and cultural transformations, as well as social interaction in general. Furthermore economy and entrepreneurial ecosystems.



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Research about nature and environment, architecture and construction, living and habitat. In this research area, we focus on the world surrounding us, whether it is our natural environment (geoinformation, spacial systems, environmental health), physical sorroundings like buildings or structures (material science, concrete solutions) , homes and cities, as well as the way we interact with and within these spaces (assisted living, management of conservation areas, etc.).



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