Integrated SAW RFID Sensors for Smart Concrete Applications

LaufzeitMai/2022 - Dezember/2023
  • Pascal Nicolay
  • Projektmitarbeiter*innen
  • Norbert Randl
  • ForschungsschwerpunktBaustofflehre
  • Engineering und IT - Allgemein
  • ForschungsprogrammPHC Amadeus 2022
  • OeAD - Österreichischer Austauschdienst
  • The main goal of the ISSCA Project is to help CiSMAT and IJL build a strong and
    effective international partnership, on the long term, for the joint development of IoTtype
    solutions, for applications in the highly promising field of “Smart Concrete”. The
    ISSCA project will help create a synergy between the CiSMAT and IJL teams. It will bring
    together researchers involved in similar projects, with highly complementary resources and
    skills. Especially, the PHC grant will make it possible, for the Master, PhD and post-doc
    students, involved in the current as well as future CiSMAT-IJL collaborative projects, to
    start working together in the best possible conditions. The partners will use the PHC grant
    to finance short stays at CUAS and IJL for their respective PhD students, to organize kick-off
    and status meetings, as well as (at least) two workshops.

    • OeAD - Österreichischer Austauschdienst (Fördergeber/Auftraggeber)