Moving into Soft Skills

LaufzeitSeptember/2019 - August/2021
  • Outi Sulopuisto
  • Projektmitarbeiter*innen
  • Andrea Stitzel
  • ForschungsschwerpunktErwachsenenbildung
  • Disability und Diversity Studies
  • ForschungsprogrammErasmus+ K2 Strategische Partnerschaften
  • EACEA: The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
  • The MOSS project — “Moving into Soft Skills” — aims to develop an innovative and adaptable 16
    hour training module for teaching soft skills via methods of embodiment and somatics, along with a
    methodology for identifying soft skill needs in professional groups. It integrates methods used in
    social pedagogy, contemporary dance training, dance-movement therapy and other experiential
    learning methods.