RESTART_ 4DANUBE - Boosting cREative induSTries in urbAn Regeneration for a stronger Danube region

LaufzeitJuli/2020 - November/2022
  • Kathrin Stainer-Hämmerle
  • Projektmitarbeiter*innen
  • Thomas Friedrich Zametter
  • Dietmar Brodel
  • Diana Radmann
  • ForschungsschwerpunktInnovationsforschung
  • Wirtschaft
  • ForschungsprogrammInterreg Danube Transnational Programme
  • Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum/Steinbeis 2i GmbH
  • Challenges:
    - Lack of transnational cooperation and coordination on institutional levels
    - Insufficient capability of SMEs to adapt to innovation needs

    General objective
    - Improve framework conditions and policy instruments based on the smart specialization
    for a new model of urban regeneration in order to transform ideas
    into practical innovative services
    Specific objectives
    1. Develop a common strategy
    2. Develop tools and services
    3. Support policy dialogue