Virtual intercultural project management experience for ICM students with GDM Malta


We are excited to announce that our Intercultural Management Students will work with GDM Malta next semester as a part of the experiential business curriculum of the business BA program.

Dr. Viviana Premazzi founded “Global Mindset” in Malta, in 2018 (now GMD Training and Consultancy Services Ltd), to help individuals and organizations to develop an open and curious mindset to work effectively across cultures and promote diverse and inclusive workplaces and societies. The ICM student team will work with the client on the cultural immersion experience called “The Glocal Malta”. The project was created with the aim of helping people to experience counter-narratives related to migration and cultural diversity. Students will set up project flow, and deliverables, review the scope and implement new approaches virtually as a part of their experiential learning during the exchange semester.  

We are grateful for the intercultural businesses for opening doors for virtual project management with our international students.