Transatlantic negotiation experience for International Business Management students


Professors James J. Kennelly (Skidmore College, New York) and Dietmar Sternad, Program Director of the International Business Management (IBM) master´s program at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), organized a joint negotiation exercise for their students.

The negotiation scenario simulated a multi-issue negotiation of investment terms between a multinational corporation and the government of the country that the company plans to invest in. The negotiations were conducted between eight student teams from CUAS and eight teams from Skidmore College via video conference. Thus, students from both Austria and New York had a chance to apply their knowledge from their negotiation courses (e.g. the Cross Border Negotiations course in the second semester of the IBM program) in a challenging negotiation situation.

“The transatlantic negotiations fully fit into our practice-oriented and challenge-based learning approach of the IBM program. It is a great opportunity for our students to test and enhance their cross-border negotiation skills,” says Program Director Dietmar Sternad. Professor Kennelly also joined the debriefing session at CUAS via video conference link, which provided a great chance to jointly reflect on the learnings from the transatlantic negotiation exercise.


Photo credit: (geralt) [royalty-free]