Student Voices at ATHENA Annual Meeting in Rome: Empowering International Collaboration


It has been a remarkable year for our FH as we proudly became an associate partner of ATHENA, the "Advanced Technology Higher Education Network Alliance." This transnational alliance focuses on fostering long-term structural and strategic cooperation among higher education institutions. Our participation in ATHENA opens up exciting international opportunities for students and strengthens our global network.

The annual meeting of ATHENA took place 3-5 May 2023 in the vibrant city of Rome, Italy, and gathered approximately 120 participants from the nine member universities and CUAS. Our FH was well-represented, and we were delighted to have our active ICM students actively participate in this significant event. They brought their unique student voices to the alliance, enriching the discussions and contributing to the shaping of ATHENA's future endeavors.

Isabella Ofenbauer, one of our ICM (Intercultural Management) students, is currently enjoying her Erasmus Semester in Rome. She was present on-site for the Annual ATHENA Alliance meeting and seized the opportunity to get involved in the discussion about ATHENA Student Board. Isabella's direct engagement with the alliance further strengthens our institution's connection with ATHENA and ensures that our students' perspectives are heard and valued.

Additionally, Foram Gohel, a dedicated sixth-semester ICM student, actively participated in the ATHENA meeting remotely. Foram seized the opportunity to engage with ATHENA online, demonstrating our students' commitment to international collaboration and their eagerness to contribute to global discussions

The inclusion of our ICM students in the ATHENA meeting highlights our institution's dedication to providing our students with valuable international experiences and fostering a strong global network. We are proud to witness their active involvement and know that they are representing our FH and their fellow students with excellence on the international stage.

Our School of Management is Internationalization Commissioner. Student engagement coordinated by Ms. Mélissa Pebayle.