Stiven PAJOVI – Class of 2020

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Wirtschaft - Bachelorstudiengänge
Intercultural Management

The first thing that I noticed when I started the studies, was that Intercultural Management was not just about business.
I chose to study management at CUAS because I was interested in business, and more specifically, management. I thought, “well, I am going to study some formulas, how to work on different teams and here we go.” But oh, how wrong I was… I was surprised with the diversity, and the wide and broad view I took in learning. Lectures seemed to give me more than I could have imagined. Intercultural Management gave me the chance to be involved in creative and analytical discussions with people from different backgrounds and different mindsets. That helped me to expand my viewpoint of not just my studies, but even the view I took on life. I used even the slightest of knowledge that I took from class and used it to develop and expand my communication skills, my writing skills, my leadership skills and my thinking skills. I was even amazed with the time management skills that I gained. Within one day, I was able to handle projects, assignments, and a ton of reading.

The lecturers are very helpful, very clear and they are always there for you. We are involved in different projects which allow us to be faced with different situations and people. We also learn how to present with impact and how to always leave an unforgettable impression. I chose ICM to be a manager, but it turned out that I have started to become something more. You see, I told you that ICM is not just about business….