Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the BA Business Program


Innovative Didactics and Learning Impact from ICM program professors

The ICM team actively participated in the FH Didactical Workshop; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) “ARE YOU READY TO SoTL?
WIE UND WARUM DIE EIGENE LEHRE BEFORSCHEN“, furthering teaching practices.  

Through systematic research efforts, the BA Intercultural Management program demonstrates its commitment to innovative didactics, new pedagogies, and measuring learning impact.

During the three-year BA ICM program, students engage in several collaborative experiential learning modules, preparing them for real-world business challenges.

Professors presented data from different semesters of the program to demonstrate the developmental design of the program:  

  • Janet Brown shared assessment data on the impact of collaborative virtual learning and peer assessment in the Austrian-Swiss COIL project during the second semester.
  • Eithne Knappitsch presented the GLOW model, measuring future work competencies in the Global Case Study Challenge during the third semester.
  • Svetlana Buko and Jirina Ley showcased their research on Project Management competency development, enhancing PM training effectiveness in the fourth semester.
  • Karin Martin introduced a conceptual model to measure multilingualism's impact on future managers during the fifth semester.

Collaboration between ICM team staff at the FH Didactical Workshop strengthens teaching practices and equips students with essential skills for success in the business world.