Sarah Lehnert, MA

Sarah Lehnert, MA
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Wirtschaft & Management - Studium
International Business Management

(Graduated in 2020)

International Business Development Manager at PANACEO International GmbH, Villach/Kärnten

Before I commenced with International Business Management (IBM) I have already studied for three years at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) in my bachelor program. When I started the master program, I could not imagine that I had two of the best years of my life in front of me.

Studying International Business Management did not only prepare me with broad management knowledge and skills, the boutique-sized classes also facilitated a highly interactive way of teaching and learning. IBM lecturers are mostly external experts from multinational companies that teach part-time and bring in their experience and expertise from day-to-day business.
Besides the high-class teaching staff, I highly appreciated the practice-oriented way of studying. During the lectures we used interactive case studies and business simulations to gain deeper knowledge in management techniques. One of the best experiences during my studies, which gave me the possibility to grow on a personal level were the challenging projects we had to manage. Speaking about the 24-hours challenge or the International Consulting Project, the IBM program really gave me the opportunity to develop profound project-, time-management and teamworking skills.

Above and beyond everything that has been mentioned, one thing that made my study experience unique, were the people and the memories we made together. The fact that this master program is chosen by many different students from all over the world influenced me in my decision to join.  In my particular study group, we were less than 25 people from more than 10 different nationalities. Studying and working with people from all walks of life gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizon and learn more about different cultures and beliefs. Together we made amazing memories, be it the interesting excursions to renowned companies abroad (e.g. London: Innocent Smoothies, Sky Entertainment, Boden Clothing and NIO; Slovenia and Croatia, etc.) or the intercultural evenings organized by ourselves. At this point, also the excellent program director needs to be mentioned. One thing students of the IBM program can definitely be sure of is that Mr. Sternad will do his utmost to make the study experience as great as possible.

To sum up all the things that have been mentioned, an academic study period is what you personally make out of it. The more one is willing to dive into the intercultural and highly professional study environment, the more one will take-away for oneself. Today I am working in an international company in a job which I absolutely love. The IBM program definitely prepared me for my career as International Business Development Manager on a professional as well as on a personal level.