Rethinking tourism in the national park community of Heiligenblut

Abschlussworkshop im Haus der Steinböcke. 1. Reihe von links nach rechts: Katharina Aichhorn, Marco Schiefer, Gerald Lesacher; 2 Reihe: Peter Suntinger, Kathrin Hilgarter, Angelina Pucher, Maria Hauser-Sauper; 3. Reihe: Monika Auinger, Michaela Granegger, Michael Jungmeier, Barbara Pucker, Leo Wallner, Erhard Trojer, Erich Auer, Hannes Pichler. Nicht am Bild: Martin Lackner, Paula Müllmann, Peter Zirknitzer, Lilia Schmalzl, Zuzanna Kieliszek, Michael Shamiyeh, Denise Wornig. © Peter Zirknitzer

The final workshop of expedition.nationalpark.2023 took place on November 7th in the “Haus der Steinböcke” in Heiligenblut. Together with 22 participants and hosts, we discussed the findings from the three-day visit to the national park community of Heiligenblut, which took place in June 2023, in greater depth.

The motto of the transdisciplinary exchange and impulse format, which was developed by Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) and the Carinthian part of the Hohe Tauern National Park, addresses the challenges of tourism using the example of Heiligenblut on the theme "Rethinking tourism". Building on a keynote speech by CUAS professor for Hotel Management Stefan Nungesser on the innovative concept of workation, we started our journey into the future of the national park community. With an outlook to year 2033, joint visions of the future were developed in small groups through detailed discussions. The numerous and diverse opinions that were developed help to sharpen the future potential of the national park region.

The results of the workshop are summarized in the final chapter in the book accompanying expedition.nationalpark.2023, which will be published in spring 2024. Participants discussed various aspects of the future of their living and economic space with great motivation. Many thanks go to all participants and hosts of the final workshop.

The project is funded by the province of Carinthia and the European Union.