Pari Namazie


My firm, Eurasian Nexus Partners (EUNEPA), a boutique consultancy based in Vienna, working globally on leadership development and organisational improvement solutions has the pleasure of working closely with ICM students from the FH Carinthia Applied Science University.  Students join us in the delivery of university projects,  as interns and sometimes continue working with us as part of our team.  While we take much effort to ensure each student has a rich and valuable work experience, they also work on live projects and create value. They are welcomed into the team and develop a strong sense of belonging within the EUNEPA family. I am always impressed with their dedication and commitment. They bring in new ideas and an excellent research element, in addition to process improvement and completion. We always look forward to the opportunity to partner with universities, FH Carinthia in particular and support young graduates as they enter the workforce. To all you young graduates, we wish you every success moving forward!