Nora Veau, BA – Austria, Class of 2021

Nora Veau, BA
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Wirtschaft & Management - Studium
International Business Management

Ever since I was a child, I was always intrigued of what lays beyond the borders of my small hometown Villach. My interest in international affairs and economics later arose during my two-year studies at the KTS Tourism College in Villach and was particularly strengthened by my semester abroad at Bangkok University International in 2020 as part of my undergraduate program in “Digital Business Management” at CUAS. For this reason and as globalization will continue to play a central role in the world economy, I wanted to combine my previous education with an internationally oriented degree in business administration. The “International Business Management” (IBM) program offered me just that; the opportunity to pursue a business degree while discovering what this vast world has in store for me. More so, the IBM program offered me a platform to acquire the skill set needed to professionally thrive abroad.

Next to the university’s beautiful surroundings and the many opportunities for outdoor activities, another major reason why I specifically chose CUAS is the new curriculum. The program has a strong focus on developing personal skills such as coaching or problem-solving skills, but also offers cutting-edge courses on sustainability and the use of digital technologies in a global context. I also like the fact that the program is taught in an engaging and interactive manner which is highly application-oriented and that I get to upgrade my language skills by learning another foreign language.

However, one of the highlights and the ultimate factor that led me to immediately enroll in the master's program was the unique opportunity to choose between two double degree programs and to have the chance to additionally spend another semester abroad during the second year. Furthermore, I already knew that CUAS has a wide network of international partner universities and is highly supportive and encouraging during the application process. Besides the great global mobility opportunity, the boutique-size classes with students from all over the world provide the best conditions for an international working environment at the faculty in Villach.

IBM aims to equip students with the skill set and experience they need in order to view the business world through a truly international lens. Participating in this program teaches me how to leverage a global mindset by focusing on management in cross-cultural contexts and by demonstrating the problem-solving skills, leadership, and commitment to succeed abroad. I am certain that obtaining the IBM master’s degree will not only help me exploit some of the experiences I have gained — both internationally and domestically — to pursue a successful international career but will also further support my vision of developing and managing a business in a global perspective.