Marta Korchemlyuk, Ph.D.

Marta Korchemlyuk, Ph.D.
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Management of Conservation Areas MSc

I have had the pleasure to participate in the virtual information tour regarding this program and to speak to past alumni, and I have been very impressed with the opportunities that would be afforded me within this program.

The appealing components of the MSc-Programme “Management of Conservation Areas” consist of multidisciplinary interactions, presentation and research opportunities, a diverse of experiences and many networking development. These components are important aspects to perfecting the professional growth as well as the leadership and research skills in the management of conservation areas.

I expect the MSc-Programme will strengthen my knowledge in environmental EU local and regional governance and management and to improve my skills and understanding of national legislation adaptation to the EU standards and procedures, thus strengthening my capacity to influence the environmental policy and legislation implementation in Ukraine, particular, at the regional level, and to apply the obtained knoweledges for the Carpathian National Nature Park.

Additionally, I strongly feel the program’s training will facilitate my career aspirations and the opportunity to develop international communication.