International success with Geoinformatics - PhD @ Louisiana State University


Gabriele Richardson earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in 2011 and joined the Louisiana State University community afterwards as a research associate.

She worked in the Geography and Anthropology Department on  ultiple grants for the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation, and The Historic New Orleans Collection, partially as co-P.I. with Jay Edwards, on the history of New Orleans buildings and house types. She started 2013 with her Ph.D. program in Geography and Anthropology (their first student entering directly into the Ph.D. program in some years) on a Pruitt Fellowship and took several additional courses at the Louisiana State University Medical School to understand basic epidemiological principles and methods and courses in Architecture at Tulane University, both in New Orleans. The research in her dissertation, awarded in May 2018, was on historical medical geography, “Ethnicity, climate, and house types as mortality factors in the New Orleans’ 1878 yellow fever outbreak”. The last two years she has also worked on another, unrelated project in historical geography, mapping the changes over time of the Inns of Chancery, law institutions in London, covering the years 1292 to c. 1470. The maps she created, the first-ever georeferenced maps of the London law schools in that period, show patterns of ownership and management of the legal inns and suggest a new narrative of an important chapter in the history of the English legal profession.

The maps are currently being used by the Historic Towns Trust in Oxford, and with her co-author she presented a seminar on the legal inns in May 2017 at the Institute of Historic Research at the University of London as well as at other venues that spring. In the last two academic years she has been a very successful teacher of the introductory Geography courses. Her research interests are in Medical and Historical Geography, GIS, Vernacular Architecture, Epidemiology, and Computer Science.