International Manager with years of experience in HR in Germany shares her experience with ICM students from the 1st semester


Brigitte Stocker, Director of the Tageszentrum Möllbrücke, a local female leader with global experience from the world of work, closed this years “ICM Active Start and Student Orientation” with her visit at CUAS, campus Villach.

The international manager shared her story with the ICM students on how she came to become a happy and successful entrepreneur, collecting experience and expertise across industries, borders and cultures.

“Thoughts become things.”

Brigitte grew up on a farm and already at an early age set herself high goals: Read! Read! Read! And go abroad to get to know as many places and people as possible.

Her advice today for young aspiring leaders:

  • Leave your comfort zone! And congratulations for taking a first step with your international study program!
  • Network! Network! Network!
  • OQP: Only Quality People: Don’t waste your time with negative people. Surround yourself with positive thinking minds!
  • Communicate! Communicate! Communicate & Practice! Learn to express and share your thoughts with others.
  • Develop problem-solving skills. These skills are the key to start a business and learn to take responsibility.
  • Learn first to manage yourself, then lead yourself and then you will be able to lead others.
  • Also love yourself and you will be able to love (and lead) others with love, not fear. Non-judgmentally and satisfied with who you are.
  • Learn to sell yourself and your ideas: Be persuasive.
  • Look for a mentor: Don’t look for the best job, look for the best boss, whom you can learn from.
  • Don’t act against your values and learn from your mistakes: Decide who you want to be: An employee, an expert or an entrepreneur; and follow your heart.

AND finally…

  • Save money every month to be financially free later in life!

“Your brain wants to close the gap between your dreams and reality.” With the right attitude, people will want to talk to you. A problem is always a problem. What changes is your perception of the problem and approach to solving it.

I do something every day which makes me happy and I feel in my heart is who I am. Stay curious. Find out who you are and don’t make the same mistake twice! 

Thank you Brigitte for your wise words and being an inspiration for our new students!