International Business Management Students on excursion in Munich

International Business Management master´s students together at the Hofbräu München brewery (with Managing Director Dr. Michael Möller)
International Business Management master´s students at KPMG Munich (with International Business alumnus and KPMG Manager Stefan Rottenbücher)

KPMG, Siemens, Infineon Technologies, and Hofbräu München were the globally active companies that CUAS International Business students visited during their three days excursion to Munich in June 2018.

Experiencing international management in practice is an integral component of the International Business Management (IBM) master's program at CUAS. The second semester IBM students had the opportunity to visit managers of renowned international companies in Munich as part of their “Doing Business in CEE/SEE” course.

During the excursion that was organized by Dietmar Sternad and Corina Schmiedt, the International Business Management students first met with Johann Schnabel, Partner of KPMG in the field of financial advisory and Stefan Rottenbücher, KPMG Manager (an alumnus of the CUAS International Business Management program). At KPMG, they received highly interesting insights into the strategy and daily business of one of the leading global auditing and consulting company. A further presentation covered KPMG's activities in the field of artificial intelligence.

Valuable insights into the strategies of global companies

Day two of the excursion was split between a visit to the headquarters of Infineon Technologies AG, hosted by Rainer Schmidt-Rudloff and Daniel Scharfen and a tour through Hofbräu Munich, one of the most famous Bavarian beer brands, followed by a long discussion about Hofbräu's internationalization strategy with the brewery's Managing Director, Dr. Michael Möller. The students were very impressed by the innovation-oriented and people-centered corporate culture of Infineon, one of the world´s leading semiconductor firms, and by the highly successful export and franchising strategies of Hofbräu.

The highlight on the third day was a visit at Siemens, one of Germany's largest industrial corporations, where the International Business Management students were introduced to the company's people and leadership strategies (including the use of artificial intelligence in HR management and the company's approach to employer branding) by Chris Baumann and her colleagues.

The excursion was considered as a great success by all participants, and contributed to the highly practice-oriented learning experience of the International Business Management master´s program at CUAS.