Intercultural Management Class of 2021

Intercultural Management Class of 2021
ICM Students meet an interculturally competent manager: Monika Kircher
Intercultural Management Class of 2021
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Intercultural Management

The School of Management (Intercultural Management) welcomes the Intercultural Management Class of 2021! Onsite at Fachhochschule Kärnten and online in their virtual classrooms.

The Intercultural Management team is very happy to have their students back in class with hybrid facilities available for those who could not make it to Villach yet. They are actively practicing inclusive intercultural business education didactics for the new intercultural learners from 11 nations: 22 onsite and 3 online students.

The first two weeks of the program was dedicated to the "ICM Active Start" module, where learners were onboarded into the Austrian business educational system of the School of Management; with a focus on intercultural teamwork, team building, self-management, intercultural awareness, and trust. “We are looking forward to the years ahead and growing and learning together to manage our diversity to lead the way with a creative solution-oriented approach for developing intercultural managers and future leaders!”

Congratulations to the Intercultural Management Class of 2021 for completing their Outdoor Team-Building Training! As part of their ICM Student Orientation Module and onboarding process, 25 ICM students, from 11 nations across the globe, from Austria to South Africa, and Columbia to the Philippines, focused on building trust and a strong team spirit to further the practical skills needed for effective intercultural teamwork; key to managing the student challenges which lie ahead. The ICM Active Start Student Orientation module is designed by Director of Studies, Janet Brown, with the goal of better integration of the international ICM students into the School of Management at FH Kaernten.  

During their “Active Start” the first year ICM students also had the chance to meet Monika Kircher from Infineon Technologies. She shared her advice after many years in business, politics and non-profit organizations and made this year’s ICM active start very special, connecting young thought leaders to the real life.