Integrating International Perspectives: Project Management Collaboration between ICM CUAS and DIM JKU Linz


Our Intercultural Management Program (ICM) has embarked on a fruitful collaboration with colleagues from the Department of International Management (DIM) at Johannes Kepler University Linz in Upper Austria. The primary focus of this collaboration is to exchange experiences and teaching practices in the dynamic field of international business.

Austria's higher educational institutions are embracing the intercultural dimension of business in global environments. At ICM CUAS, our core team is dedicated to researching the integration of international individuals in Carinthia, while the Department of International Management at JKU is actively exploring the integration of international workers and migrants into organizations. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our shared objectives.

The heart of our collaboration lies in the implementation of Project Management methodologies within our respective institutions. During a recent visit to Linz, FH-prof. Dr. Svetlana Buko, co-lead of the Intercultural Management BA program, shared compelling case studies on intercultural project management in virtual teams. This exchange of insights and best practices has facilitated valuable knowledge transfer between our faculty members.

On the 27th of June, we eagerly anticipate the visit of Ass.-Prof. Dr. Almina Bešić, Deputy Head of the Department of International Management at JKU, to Carinthia. She will join us for the final project presentations of the "Project Management Module" in ICM, where she will deliver a guest lecture on the collaborative approach to teaching Project Management. Her presentation will showcase the effective connection between industry and universities, featuring a captivating case study from Upper Austria.

This collaboration between ICM CUAS and DIM JKU Linz emphasizes our commitment to fostering interdisciplinary partnerships and enriching educational experiences for our students. We look forward to further collaborative endeavors and the mutual benefits they bring to both institutions.