Inspiring the Next Generation of Intercultural Managers: Brigitte Stocker of Tageszentrum Möllbrücke Shares her Entrepreneurial Journey with ICM Students


To mark the end of our two-week intensive ICM Active Start and Student Orientation, students were able to gain insights into the world of entrepreneurship from Mag.a Brigitte Stocker, the founder and head of Tageszentrum Möllbrücke( TZMÖ), who met with first year Intercultural Management (ICM) students to share her story and journey to leadership as well as key principles of success.

TZMÖ, a privately run holistic care center for older individuals in need of care, is a testament to Brigitte Stocker's dedication and passion for making a difference in the lives of seniors. The center operates on the principle of offering a "helping hand" through diverse care options, a highly competent team, and an abundance of love and appreciation for the guests.

During the session, Ms. Stocker shared her inspiring career story and the evolution of TZMÖ. Her journey highlighted the challenges and triumphs encountered while building and operating a business, particularly in Carinthia. Students were captivated by her experiences and eagerly engaged in discussing the various aspects of her journey, including her endeavors and successes in Germany. One of the key highlights of the interaction was the opportunity for students to delve into the strategies employed by Ms. Stocker in garnering support from investors for the establishment and operation of TZMÖ. Understanding the intricacies of securing funding and navigating the business landscape in Carinthia was of great interest to the aspiring young future managers. The guest talk proved to be an enriching experience for the students, offering them a glimpse into the real-world challenges and triumphs faced by successful business leaders like Ms. Stocker. It provided a platform for aspiring professionals to learn, ask questions, and derive motivation from a local business manager who has made an impact on the community through her dedication and hard work.

As ICM students continue their academic journey, the wisdom and insights shared by Ms. Stocker will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration, guiding them towards their own success stories in the dynamic world of business.