Inspiring Minds: International Youth and Global Collaboration  

Coordinators: Dr. Bernhard Guetz and Dr. Svetlana Buko

As part of our University commitment to fostering internationalization, global education, and cultural exchange, we hosted two virtual internships through the Alumni Internship Program, welcoming alumni from the FLEX and YES programs from Southeast Europe. This initiative aligns with CUAS's dedication to sharing educational opportunities in Austria with young people around the world and enhancing cross-cultural experiences.  


A 3-month virtual internship with two talented alumni from the YES-FLEX program of the American Councils for International Education: Vladyslava from Ukraine and Puhiza from Kosovo was innovative and impactful. The contributions of young international interns have been invaluable, and their efforts have significantly advanced our mission.  

Key Highlights of the 3-month Virtual Internship Program:  

  1. Internship Structure: Our interns honed their interview techniques and worked within networks of international students, gaining practical skills and expanding their professional connections via student and alumni networks.  

  1. Analytical Skills: They engaged in analysis of empirical data, comparing and contrasting information from interviews, reports, and social media.  

  1. Virtual Teamwork: Collaborating across different cultures and educational levels, our interns developed strong teamwork skills in a virtual environment.  

  1. Direct Recruitment: They actively engaged with high school students in Kosovo, and Ukraine presenting in Ukrainian, Albanian and English, and empowering youth about their future educational choices in Europe.  

  1. Marketing Insights: Recognizing the importance of awareness and brand visibility, our interns provided valuable marketing insights to enhance our outreach efforts for BA level business programs.   

  1. Project Management: Utilizing Trello, they effectively visualized tasks, tracked progress, and demonstrated good virtual project management skills; they enhanced their task management skills, crucial for navigating a virtual office environment.  

  1. Personal Reflection: Our interns gained a deeper understanding of the role of international education and intercultural trends, enriching their personal and professional growth, using ACCELS reflection framework.   

Learnings from International Interns   

"Through working and communicating in a multicultural team, recruiting students from Kosovo, and collaborating with an institution in Austria, this internship with CUAS reaffirmed the profound power and beauty of multicultural teamwork. I experienced tremendous growth in various areas; I developed practical skills in marketing and recruitment, enhanced my communication and teamwork abilities, and built a cross-border network with incredible people." Puhiza   

"This 3-month internship not only boosted my professional growth but also provided real experience working on an international team in the global market of students. Creating an effective recruitment strategy for a large institution like a university is not an easy process; it requires a lot of time and effort. However, we had the opportunity to be creative and implement various techniques we could think of. This experience pushed us out of our comfort zones, led us to deeply analyze CUAS and encouraged us to come up with new ideas." Vladyslava  

The Impact of Hosting Virtual Interns at CUAS  

Hosting virtual interns has brought significant benefits to CUAS, improving international presence, and helping attract a broader audience,  potentially increasing international student applications. Their diverse international backgrounds have added valuable cross-cultural insights to our communication strategies.   

This project spotlights CUAS's commitment to skill development and preparing youth for a future shaped by digital technologies. By leveraging digital opportunities in the form of virtual internships, we aim to connect and empower young people worldwide, fostering a dynamic, globally connected community.   

We are deeply grateful to interns, students, alumni, and all the university experts who contributed to this successful internship program. Joint commitment, dedication and hard work have truly made a difference, and we look forward to continuing our mission of promoting global education and cultural exchange.  

School of Management: Inspiring Mind for Global Partnerships 

Coordinators: Dr. Bernhard Guetz and Dr. Svetlana Buko.