Inka Rössler, MA

Inka Rössler, MA
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Wirtschaft & Management - Studium
International Business Management

(Graduated in 2021)

HR Coordinator, EuroParcs Österreich Previously: Export Assistant, Austroflex Rohr-Isoliersysteme GmbH

After finishing my bachelor’s in International Tourism Management in Germany, I knew that I wanted to learn more and deepen my general business knowledge. However, my decision for a master’s at CUAS was based on a gut feeling. I was looking for an intercultural, practice-oriented study program taught in English that was, at the same time, affordable. For this reason and the appealing beautiful nature and charming city, CUAS in Villach attracted my attention. And I have to say, even though my journey started mainly based on a gut decision, I have found a home in Villach and have never regretted my choice. I appreciate the time that I had and highly recommend the IBM master’s program. Not only is the program itself perfectly structured, but also the class’ diversity in terms of nationalities allowed for amazing input.

Currently, I am working as an Export Assistant for a manufacturing company, where I’m responsible for market research, support of our international customers as well as export marketing. However, I am transitioning to a new company and position. Soon I will be an HR coordinator for a provider of holiday parks in Europe. I am very curious to dive deeper into the subject of HR management as I have already chosen this specialization during my study times. All in all, I can testify to the broad and internationally orientated knowledge you gain at CUAS. Like in my case, on one side, you are prepared to support companies in their internationalization process, and on the other side, to assist HR actions in a completely different sector.
Referring to the study experience and curriculum itself, the IBM program provides you with sound general business knowledge in an international context. In particular, many of the lecturers are working in international business and teach part-time, which results in a hands-on learning experience with a lot of practical examples. This was additionally rounded up with guest lectures from experts and the boutique-size classes that fostered personal interactions and discussions.

The highlights of the IBM program were for sure the small, internationally mixed classes, the interactive group works, real-life company projects, motivated lecturers as well as company visits in different countries. Furthermore, CUAS provides a great study environment with an open and respectful feedback culture. I always appreciated that every student, either as an individual or in the group, was encouraged to speak up and to actively work towards an even better study and learning experience.  And last but not least, I would like to praise our IBM program director Mr. Dietmar Sternad. With his enthusiastic nature, he never failed to transfer his messages as well as his uplifting energy – which isn’t always easy during evening classes.