ICM Language and Business Summer School in Vienna  

Vienna Intensive Learning Language School
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Wirtschaft - Bachelorstudiengänge
Intercultural Management

The Language School in Vienna offers an immersive and intensive three-week experience designed for business students seeking to enhance their German language proficiency while gaining invaluable insights into the Austrian business landscape.

The program is thoughtfully crafted, encompassing a blend of linguistic immersion and practical application within a business context. Students engage in rigorous language practice sessions, honing their communication skills and linguistic fluency. An exceptional feature of this program is the opportunity for participants to attend significant events such as the WKO Chamber of Economics gatherings and Wiener Linien meetings, providing them with a glimpse into the operational dynamics of Austrian businesses. Moreover, the chance to meet and converse with management representatives of leading Austrian companies forms a pivotal aspect of this immersive experience. 

The overarching objective of this summer school is to bridge the gap between language skills and practical business applications. By delving into the Austrian business community, students can directly apply their language skills, gaining an understanding of the cultural and professional nuances that are indispensable for success in the global business arena. This intensive program aligns seamlessly with the core of the Intercultural Management (ICM) program, enriching future intercultural managers with a unique blend of linguistic competence and business acumen. Overall, the Language School in Vienna stands as an integral and enriching component of the ICM training, nurturing future intercultural managers equipped to navigate and thrive within diverse international business environments.