ICM - first online student representative from India

Gohel Foram Ameet

As the pandemic continues to challenge us with online classes and exams, travel restrictions and new variants of the virus, at the School of Management we are working hard to provide students with a top-quality study experience.

But this would not be possible without the active participation and ongoing commitment of the students. Therefore, Intercultural Management is proud to greet and thank Gohel Foram Ameet, our student joining ICM online classes from India, as our first online student representative. Thank you Foram for sharing your experience with us!

“On the adventure of trying to find myself and exploring opportunities in fields that strike a chord with me, one aspect of ICM really caught my attention - a splendid amalgamation of various subjects like Business Administration, Digitalization, Law and Languages. Getting to learn two new languages and sharing this platform with peers from different cultures intrigued me.

In the beginning, studying online felt strange as majority of my peers could meet and get to know each other. However, working on group assignments and connecting online informally with them created an inclusive and welcoming environment for online students. Being an online student allowed me to explore and learn a lot about the virtual platforms we use at CUAS.

My experience of being on the student council when I was in school convinced me to represent my peers again. I knew it would be challenging to represent the class online, but I committed to it nonetheless. Being the class representative gave me a chance to interact with other peers and build a rapport, despite the distance. The main challenge was miscommunication, but we all are doing our best to express and share our opinions and more importantly respect and understand each other.

It has been an amazing learning experience for both personal and professional growth and networking.”