HR Strategies and Stakeholder Management in International Cycling Events: Wörthersee Gravel Race expertise in our business classrooms.


Business students at the School of Management FACHHOCHSCHULE KÄRNTEN had the privilege of hosting Julius Rupitsch, an expert in organizational HR aspects and stakeholder management, as a guest speaker. During his talk, he focused on the case study of the "Wörthersee Gravel Race" UCI TRACK "Gravel World Series" 2024 in Carinthia, Austria. The international event serves as a compelling study for students to learn about aligning HR strategies with organizational goals and managing stakeholders effectively. 

In international sports events, success relies on the balance between organizational excellence and stakeholder management. The Wörthersee Gravel Race represents the local Carinthian identity of Lake Wörthersee, making it more attractive and emphasizing the importance of community engagement in international cycling. Effective stakeholder management is essential due to the diverse array of stakeholders involved, including cyclists, sponsors, local authorities, media, and spectators.  

The Intercultural Management Program (ICM) business students learned first-hand what organizing a single-day international sports event like the Wörthersee Gravel Race entails. The event requires careful planning, quick decision-making, and multi-level stakeholder engagement. Students asked questions about the specifics of HR and stakeholder management, such as recruitment, training, and supervision of staff for an international-level race. 

The discussion session of the expert Julius Rupitsch focused on the following topics:  

Studying the organization of international cycling events helps students appreciate the interconnectedness of HR, marketing, operations, and finance. It also helps them understand the importance of cultural diversity in managing global clients and engaging with diverse stakeholders. The students learned how international cycling transcends geographical boundaries and unites communities.

We extend our gratitude to Julius from the Pedal Performance Group for his involvement with our international business students, offering valuable HR insights, showcasing practical examples, and providing opportunities for young individuals to participate in projects.

Contact: The Pedal Performance Group is dedicated to developing, consulting, and realising holistic premium cycling products for tourist destinations and major touristic enterprises.