Hanna Gruber


Hanna Gruber is a graduate of the Intercultural Management programme at CUAS. She works as an intercultural trainer, project manager and instructional designer at intercultures Spain, a consultancy that provides intercultural training solutions for multinational companies.

"When I graduated in Intercultural Management four years ago, I was confident that I had studied something valuable, something that could make a difference.

As I have gained my first international work experience in various fields over the past few years, I have quickly realised how present intercultural management is in everyday life and how often we struggle to understand what, how and why people think & behave differently.

While this programme has taught me to see more than one perspective, it has been the foundation for navigating the international business landscape. The programme's commitment to tackling real-world challenges is a testament to its forward-thinking nature. Learning from experienced practitioners and through real-life case studies, coupled with the opportunity to learn a second foreign language and put your intercultural skills into practice during a semester abroad, are just some of the things that make this programme unique.

I can wholeheartedly endorse the programme's diverse and global approach to education. The programme has provided me with a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insight, enhancing my business acumen while developing my intercultural communication skills. It has undoubtedly shaped my worldview and enhanced my career prospects, for which I am deeply grateful."

Hanna Gruber