Guest Lecture of Matthias Egarter, CFO of Lindner Recycling

Matthias Egarter, CFO at Lindner Recyclingtech, with International Business Managemet students

On January 24th, 2024, the first semester students of the International Business Management (IBM) master’s program were joined in their "Effective Management & Leadership of Global Teams" class by Matthias Egarter, CFO at Lindner Recyclingtech, a globally active supplier of recycling technology solutions based in Spittal/Drau (Carinthia), as a guest lecturer.

Mr. Egarter presented his thoughts on how to achieve high performance levels in a top management role and engaged the students in a lively discussion on how to best approach managerial challenges that can occur globally active firm. The students also received highly interesting insights into the very dynamic recycling industry, which lies at the heart of the green economy, a very important economic sector for Carinthia.