Guest Lecture about start-up valuation


On Thursday, 18th of January, 2018, the International Business Management students of the 3rd semester had a guest lecture held by Mr. Herwig Springer, CEO at i5invest, a Vienna-based company that supports international start-ups from scratch.

This guest lecture was part of the course “Mergers and Acquisitions” and had the aim of showing to the students how i5invest structures and accompanies the M&A process of start-up companies. Mr. Springer explained that his company is focussing on young ventures with highly scalable and innovative business models. These are most interesting for business angels and venture capitalists worldwide according to Mr. Springer.

Furthermore, Mr. Springer introduced the students to different valuation methods that can be used for assessing the value of start-up companies even at a very early stage of their existence, such as the discounted cash flow method, the venture capital method, or also an asset-based valuation scheme and a scoring method used for this purpose.

At the end of this flawless and very interesting skype video conference, the students had the possibility to ask questions and to discuss the selection of start-up companies and other related topics with Mr. Springer.