Global Education Frontiers


Strategic Internationalization with Bachelor Programs in Intercultural Management and Digital Marketing & Sales

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is advancing its global educational initiatives with the launch of one new and redesign of one existing bachelor program at its School of Management. These programs, Intercultural Management and Digital Marketing & Sales, are designed to equip students with the essential skills needed in today’s interconnected business environment.

Intercultural Management: Bridging Global Business and Culture

The Intercultural Management program prepares students to excel in diverse business settings worldwide, the focus of the program is on shaping multilingual leaders of intercultural teams. This innovative program merges business management with cultural studies, providing skills in languages (German or Italian), negotiation, communication, and intercultural leadership. Key features include practical project management with industry partners, integrated internships, summer schools in Vienna and Trieste, study abroad opportunities, and a focus on sustainable and ethical business practices within responsible management. 

Digital Marketing & Sales: Shaping the Future of Digital Commerce

Simultaneously, the Digital Marketing & Sales program caters to the growing need for skilled digital marketing professionals, blending traditional marketing principles with cutting-edge digital strategies. This program aims to forge leaders in digital commerce, emphasizing analytics, SEO, social media strategies, and e-commerce, with close industry collaborations to stay abreast of emerging trends. The program also includes integrated internships, study abroad opportunities, and a focus on sustainable and ethical business practices.

Commitment to Future-Ready Education

Both programs underscore the universities commitment to providing future-ready education that aligns with the dynamics of the global market. “Our aim is to equip our students not just for jobs, but for impactful careers that contribute positively to the global economy," states Dr. Bernhard Guetz, Program Director of Digital Marketing & Sales.

Enrollment is now open for both programs, with classes beginning in October. These programs are poised to attract a global cohort of students eager to gain a competitive edge in international business and digital commerce.