GI Research Colloquium 2020

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Geoinformation und Umwelt

We are pleased to invite you to a series of talks on GIScience topics by distinguished scholars and young researchers, which will take place virtually, in 4 webinars, as follows:

  • 04 June 2020, 17:00–18:00
    New Research Frontiers: GeoAI, (Geo‐)Knowledge Graphs and NoSQL Databases 
    Johannes Scholz, WG Geoinformation, Department of Geodesy, University of Technology in Graz, Austria 
  • 15 June 2020, 17:00‐18:30
    Spatial Decision Support for Open Knowledge Networking 

    Piotr Jankowski, Department of Geography, San Diego State University, USA

    Coronavirus SoS: Science‐of‐Science Map and Guided Tour 
    André Skupin, Center for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS), San Diego State University, USA 
  • 16 June 2020, 17:00–18:00
    The Journey from CAD to GIS 
    Annelene Kammer‐Tischendorf, GIS IT‐Services ‐ IT und Prozessmanagement, Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG, Austria 
  • 17 June 2020, 17:00‐18:30
    The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Projects Symposium  
    Incoming student @ Host University ‐ recipient of the grant 2020 

    Angela Schirk‐Matthews (University of Florida @ CUAS):  
    Comparison of Cycling Path Characteristics based on three GPS Sport Tracking Apps 

    Mahmoud Abusalim (CUAS @ University of Florida):  
    Accuracy and Effectiveness of GTFS Transit Feeds for Trip Planning in Public Transit Networks 

    Mohammad Sa’doun (CUAS @ University of New Mexico):  
    Comparison of CNN Architectures for Waterfowl Detection and Classification 

    Erik Früwirth (CUAS @ San Diego State University):  
    Shallow water bathymetry with multi‐view photogrammetry Unmanned Aerial Systems 

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