GI Research Colloquium

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Geoinformation und Umwelt

Geoinformation@CUAS hosted a series of talks by distinguished scholars and young researchers on what’s hot in GIScience. The event took place from 24 May until 15 June 2018 and was open to the public.

The audience learned about and engaged in a vibrant discussion on a range of topics:

  • using GIS to reconstruct a part of historic world around the Silk Route from open Web literature resources (Z. J. Fu) or to analyse the role of suburbia in the production of global greenhouse gas emissions (J. Albrecht);
  • geo-social media analytics (H. Hochmair and L. Juhasz);
  • the state of the art and future development in spatial decision support systems – SDSS (P. Jankowski), big data and emergency management (A. Skupin), and public participation GIS and citizen science (L. Ramasubramanian).

Attending and actively participating in such lecture events is especially valuable for the students as they can check the level of their own knowledge and understanding of the discipline, always learn something new, and practice discussion in an academic/professional environment. For Geoinformation@CUAS it reflects our connection to and active participation in the international academic community.

For this very reason we plan to continue organizing such lecture events – watch this space for update!