Fun toys or professional devices?

Fun toys or professional devices?
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Management of Conservation Areas MSc

Fun toys or professional devices? Testrun for species identification apps

A clear identification of species is a basic requirement for conservation work and the implementation of conservation measures. The determination is so far only reserved for experts. But what can the various identification apps for plants, fungi and animals do today? This question is the subject of a small project, which is implemented by research interns in summer 2020 within the framework of FFG funding.

Three high-school students and graduates with an interest in science are testing apps such as Pl@ntNet, iPflanzen, Flora Incognita, LeafSnap, BirdNet, Picture fish and Picture Insect. The aim is to determine the potentials of these technologies, their informative value and the need for further development.

Among other things, the results are to contribute to the development of a new course of study "Future Technologies for biodiversity". The survey will allow a better understanding and consideration of the requirements and expectations of future students

Financed by: FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency