Francisco de Assis F. Pereira Filho

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Wirtschaft & Management - Studium
International Business Management

(graduated in 2011)
3i program manager at Siemens, Malvern/Pennsylvania, USA

„Joining the International Business Management program at CUAS was definitely one of the best choices I have ever made, as it has added so much to my life in different ways.

Firstly, it has broadened my political and cultural perspective as the classes offers an interaction with international students and well-experienced teachers. This has helped me to better analyze situations with a more critical view. Secondly, CUAS created a professional environment which I personally believe is very important for the development of our business-oriented mind.

I can still recall the projects that we had to develop facing time and performance pressure. I have learnt a lot from these projects as they integrated multiple disciplines from the International Business Management program. Finally, I must say that the program has greatly helped me to improve my soft skills. Meeting people from all over the world was definitely part of a great experience that will never be forgotten. I am sure that International Business Management has opened many doors for my future career, providing a perfect combination of theories and practice in an international environment. Many great moments with teachers and colleagues will endure in my mind. They have taught me many, many great things ...“