Florida Dervishi


Florida Dervishi knew that she was going to be an engineer, so she decided to start master studies in Integrated Systems and Circuit Design (ISCD), after her Information Technology degree at Polytechnic University of Tirana, at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

“I had just finished my bachelor and I wanted a master that was having a good deal of practice incorporated in the everyday lectures, which is exactly what FH Kärnten provides”. I came from a rather theoretical university and it was difficult to jump in the laboratories, but I had an amazing support of my class mates. We worked together in groups until everyone understood it. The professors were as well very patient and explained a topic many times if requested”, so she remembers.

She is convinced that this course is the best studies if you want to work in the semiconductor industries and that there are so many career options for an electronic engineering graduating from FH Kärnten.

She has seen two different areas in the industry: research and development (R&D) and manufacturing. This has enabled her to be knowledgeable on the whole company chain, to create a strong network and overall increase her skills. Starting from the R&D, it was easy for her to go to a management career at Infineon Technology afterwards because she had still to work with colleagues in development and they were comfortable discussing and taking decisions with her as they understood she come from the same background.

Her biggest highlights for now have been:

  • the possibility to do a short-term assignment and to prove herself in this new work environment  
  • be a successful product owner to unsure the customers get the products on time and save costs for the company
  • work with different sites and travel to those sites (Germany, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, Italy, ...)

She would recommend the course because it will give a strong base, and the options of what you can do after it are numerous. This course gives the opportunity to enter the work market.
“In case you do get accepted in FH and specifically in ISCD master, spend the time to really understand the subjects, to understand the semiconductor industry and to know what is your strength. If you have a strong base out of this master and you know what you would like to do, the doors will be open” she advices.

Her leisure she spends with traveling, biking, climbing, running, literature and dancing.