First-hand insights into sustainability consulting


On April 13th, 2023, our International Business Management (IBM) students in semester 4 had the great opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of sustainability consulting. As part of the new “Sustainable Global Management Practices” course, IBM Program Director Dietmar Sternad organized an exciting guest lecture. Joachim Kircher, Senior Manager and Group Sales Director of Austria’s leading sustainability consulting firm Denkstatt, joined the class onsite at CUAS in Villach.

Denkstatt is a renowned sustainability consultancy firm founded in Vienna in 1993. In 2023, Denkstatt employs 200 sustainability experts in six different countries.  

Joachim Kircher introduced the students to the broad service portfolio offered by Denkstatt and the firm’s international growth strategy. Moreover, he explained his role as a sustainability consultant (or how he likes to call himself as a “trusted advisor”), pointing out the challenges and “highlights” of working in the field of sustainability.  

The students could apply their gained sustainability knowledge in practice while working on two short scenarios. First, students took over the role of potential clients and consultants at Denkstatt, negotiating the implementation of a carbon footprint project. Second, students worked on a climate strategy for a supermarket chain.

Since sustainability will with a high probability be highly relevant in every role that IBM students might hold after their graduation, the course was a wonderful way to raise the students’ awareness for sustainability and equip them with hands-on sustainability knowledge for their further careers.