Exchange of science and practice for the further development of the instructional content of the MCA

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Management of Conservation Areas MSc

Curriculum development and teaching are supported by three advisory boards. The diversity and importance of national and international organisations represented in the boards is particularly remarkable and one of the elements that truly makes this degree programme unique.

The Institutional Board supports the programme in terms of quality control and gives access to most recent research, technologies and trends. The Scientific Board verifies the excellence of scientific methods and pedagogical approaches, and gives access to the most recent concepts and theories, empirical work and research results. The Austrian Experience Pool is an open forum that gives access not only to exemplary Austrian parks, best practices, showcases, and model projects, but also to conflicts and problems that can be discussed and analysed by programme participants.

Twice a year, the individual boards meet to discuss current events in the MCA study programme with the scientific director, Dr Michael Jungmeier. In spring 2022, the virtual meetings were held with participants from all over Europe. Michael Jungmeier says, “The reports of the board members from their organisations and current projects provide important content for the further development of the MCA. The practical linking of the teaching content as well as the integration of guest lecturers from the boards is a success factor of the degree programme”. The next meeting of the boards will take place in November 2022, where the students will again enter into discussion with the board members.