Empowering Students to Bridge Cultures and Conserve Environments


School of Management have moved forward with recent developments in ongoing collaboration at the intersection of intercultural management and environmental conservation!

Last week, Selina Strasser, IUS, AAU, and CUAS, UNESCO Chair, met with our Intercultural Management (ICM) students in order to discuss joint research project. This collaboration journey began two years ago when we initiated a joint project that aimed to introduce the research questions catalog of the UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau and the Carinthian Nockberge (Carinthian part) into the research modules within School of Management. Last year, one of our ICM students, Ms. Ronja Reiter, took the lead and conducted empirical research at the undergraduate level, with invaluable support from Science Link Nockberger. This year we are taking our collaboration to the next level. We are excited to integrate this partnership into our Research Skills II module next semester, further aligning our international students with the rich research network and real-life topics. Our primary focus will be on researching the intercultural dimensions of conservation management in Carinthia, a significant step towards promoting sustainable practices and fostering intercultural understanding.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress in our mission to bridge the gap between intercultural management and conservation.  

More about Science_link here: https://biosphaerenparknockberge.at/forschung/science-link/