Connecting Higher Education to the International Logistics Industry


Incredible journey working with the renowned international logistics company, Fercam


Our CUAS mission: Building a robust framework to seamlessly integrate our international business students into the heart of the international logistics industry from their 4th semester onward. 

Level 1: From Projects to Internships: Our students delve into real-world international logistics challenges, mastering intercultural communication, as they tackle cross-border work between Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. This experience uniquely positions them for internships in their 6th semester, where they truly shine on the global stage. 

Level 2: Bachelor's Papers - Research: Beyond academia, our students leverage their expertise in international logistics by conducting BA-level research, helping the company to tackle internal data for better decision-making.

This innovative partnership model of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and Fercam is transforming education by bridging the gap between academia and industry, shaping the next generation of multilingual business leaders in the field of international logistics.

With this model we are building a better future together with retaining international talent in Carinthia, linking HR company needs to the international graduates.