Bridging Cultures in Housekeeping Management in Carinthia


In an immersive learning experience focused on management, a group of Intercultural Management (ICM) students embarked on a captivating journey exploring the intricacies of managing housekeeping staff in a diverse setting.

The team comprised Mariette Sorgdrager from South Africa, Matus Hadzega from Slovakia, and Lysa Dirheimer Massat from France. Their objective was to delve into the intercultural aspects of managing housekeeping teams, by conducting a series of insightful interviews at Parkhotel in Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Carinthia.

This endeavor formed an integral part of the business curriculum's "Project Management Module," emphasizing experiential learning. The international student team skillfully bridged the global expertise of international hotel networks with the specific requirements and local context of hotels in Carinthia. Project lead, international expert, certified management consultant Mag. Maria Radinger from  helped students combine theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the interplay between culture and management practices in the housekeeping domain.  

PH Prof. Dr. Stefan Nungesser facilitated this unique collaboration between the Hotel Management and Intercultural Management programs. With his guidance, the students were able to navigate the intricacies of both disciplines, merging their findings into a cohesive and valuable contribution to the field of intercultural management in the context of housekeeping.