Active Start - Guest Speaker from FERCAM Logistics and Transport

Photo: Janet Brown (ICM Director of Studies), Mr. Imanol Esnal (FERCAM Transport Sales Manager), Tadeo A. Bastidas (ICM alumnus, FERCAM Sales Manager), Katja Keischnigg (ICM alumni coordinator, IBM student). 

During the Active Start in the first semester Intercultural Management students had the chance to meet guest speakers from FERCAM Logistics and Transport company (Seeboden). 

ICM alumni have been hired to work at FERCAM in the last two years. FERCAM Manager Imanol Esnal (Austria-Spain) presented the company vision about intercultural recruitment of the company and provided an example of FERCAM expansion. He illustrated how they have worked closely together with ICM alumnus Tadeo A. Bastidas (Venezuela) and tackled new markets due to the linguistic abilities of staff and interest in the business growth within new territories. 

International Recruitment of FERCAM and ICM alumni engagement: