A Guideline with a Global Scope - Extending a framework for establishing biodiversity monitoring systems

Monitoring Guideline
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Management of Conservation Areas MSc

Protected area managers have a lot of responsibilities. One of the main tasks is to improve the condition of habitats and species that live at their sites. In the BioMONITec project, we have developed a robust framework to build biodiversity monitoring systems in protected areas.

The framework is applicable globally. We walk managers through four phases: the preparatory phase where managers identify the reporting requirements and monitoring goals; the conceptual phase in which the monitoring team determines what is realistic to do at the site; the implementation phase where monitoring is actually conducted; and finally, a re-evaluation phase to determine whether the management programme is effective. We provide helpful checklists and worksheets, review the current state-of-the-art of monitoring technologies, and discuss the importance of working with the local community and stakeholders for wide acceptance of the management programme.

Together with a working group from across the globe, we will publish our framework through the IUCN, one of the most authoritative international conservation organisations in the world. There is still an opportunity for your participation if you have ideas for a contribution. Keep a look out for the guideline in 2023!