Italiano 1A: Introduzione alla lingua e alla cultura (ILV)




 Stefania Squadrito , MA
VertiefungIntercultural Management
Studiengangssemester 1. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS2,9
ECTS Credits4,0
Unterrichtssprache Englisch

On successful completion of the course, students:

Can understand and present information in both spoken and written form using appropriate register on current research related to Italian history, culture and society
Have analyzed and discussed numerous texts on Italian history, culture and society
Can express and support their opinion clearly on issues relating to Italian history, culture and society
Can hold individual and team presentations on current issues relating to Italian history, culture and society
Can present academic findings appropriately using adequate register

Introduction to fundamentals of Italian history. Italy past and present. Economic, social and political systems of Italy. Each unit students develop a user's glossary and summary.

De Renzo/Patota (2013) I verbi italiani. Loescher

Fiorentino, B., Iacovoni, G. & Persiani, N. (2010) (A2/B1), Klett

Medaglia, C. & Medaglia, F. (2013) Spazio civiltà Civiltà italiana per stranieri. Torino: Loescher 2013

Additional materials will be provided by lecturer.

A mixed method of instruction will be used for this course, including
learner-oriented media and blended learning, lectures, discussion, presentations, self-study and group work.

Continual assessment 20%
Class presentation 20%
Final examination (written and oral) 40%
Class preparation and participation 20%