Italiano 4: B2/2 - Lingua dei media II Gruppe A (ILV)




VertiefungIntercultural Management
LV-KürzelItal 4
Studiengangssemester 4. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS3,0
ECTS Credits5,0

On successful completion of the course, students:
Can critically analyze news presented in Italian media
can understand and identify the main ideas on both concrete and abstract topics presented in most media texts including technical discussions, lectures and news reports on their field of specialisation.
can lead a discussion on a topic related to Italy or their field of specialisation, presenting arguments both for and against a particular viewpoint

The language of the Italian media. Analysis of media genre, both written and spoken. Discussion of current affairs and news in Italy (and Austria).

A list of primary texts and websites will be handed out in the first session.

A mixed method of instruction will be used for this course, including
learner-oriented media and blended learning, lectures, discussion, presentations, self-study and group work.

Continual assessment 20%
Class presentation 20%
Final examination (written and oral) 40%
Class preparation and participation 20%