Englisch 3 (SE)

LV-KürzelENG 3
Studiengangssemester 3. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS2,0
ECTS Credits3,5
Unterrichtssprache Deutsch

Technical descriptions in form of product presentations and process workflows. Business and Technical English Skills, continuous improvement of writing, speaking, listening, and reading (tailored for the respective study program - see course contents).

B2.00000.20.030 - English 2

Medical Engineering: Communication: Medical Product and Technical Process Description / TE: IT & Software Terminology / BE: Communication in Telephoning, Meetings, NegotiationsNetwork Engineering and Communication: Technical Descriptions, Product and Process Presentations (written and oral), Operating Instructions /BE: Communication in Business Settings and Meetings, Further Development of Business Correspondence Skills / TE: Selected Topical Issues.Mechatronics /Mechanical Engineering/Engineering and Management: Interpersonal and cross- cultural communication, business correspondence and group discussions in the context of Systems Engineering; Job applications and job interviews.Interpersonal and cross- cultural communication

Course reading list and materials provided by respective lecturer