Englisch 2 (SE)

LV-KürzelENG 2
Studiengangssemester 2. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS2,0
ECTS Credits2,0
Unterrichtssprache Deutsch

Business and Technical English Skills including efficient and relevant correspondence, continuous improvement of writing, speaking, listening, and reading and presentation skills (tailored for the respective study program - see course contents).

B2.00000.10.030 - English 1

Medical Engineering: Presentation: Medical Tech Company / Intercultural language skills / BE: Business structure & Charts/Graphs, Business Letter WritingNetwork Engineering and Communication: Working on NET relevant topics to improve language skills in TE/ BE: Trend description in charts/graphs, Telephoning, Intro to Business Correspondence / Summarizing and paraphrasing, linking devices / Listening to technical news broadcasts and note-takingGeoinformation and Environmental Technologies: Presentation Skills/ Presentations of GIS relevant topics/ Summary writing/Listening to technical news broadcasts and note-takingDesign & Engineering / System Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Engineering and Management: Processes and products analysis for a particular application in the field SE (Academic presentations and expository writing skills)

Course reading list and materials provided by respective lecturer