Italian 1 (SE)

LV-KürzelITA 1
Studiengangssemester 1. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS2,0
ECTS Credits2,0

The aim of the course is to develop the students' speaking, reading, listening and writing skills, in particular their communicative ability.

They should be able to apply grammatical structures and lexis properly.

course for beginners

The students acquire language functions to present themselves (e.g. family, job, daily routine, hobbies) and to communicate effectively in everyday situations, such as dialogues at a restaurant, hotel reservations, giving directions and so on.

- Ziglio Luciana, Rizzo Giovanna, "Espresso 1, Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch", Max Hueber Verlag 2009

- Additional material provided by the lecturer in class.

communicative language teaching - role-plays,simulations, telephoningthe use of audio-visual equipment computer-based language teaching

class participation, continual assessment, homework assignmentsfinal written exam