Strengthening crossboarder R&I capacities in ADVANCED HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGIES by developing synergies between Enterprises, R&D centres and higher education

LaufzeitMärz/2020 - August/2022
  • Wolfgang Werth
  • Projektmitarbeiter*innen
  • Heinz-Peter Ulrich Liechtenecker
  • Christoph Ungermanns
  • Stefan MISCHITZ
  • Elena Obtresal
  • Tanja Oberwinkler-Sonnleitner
  • Nina DORFER
  • Andreas Warmuth
  • Andreas Warmuth
  • ForschungsschwerpunktElektrische Energietechnik
  • Systems Engineering
  • ForschungsprogrammINTERREG VA SI-AT
  • Kooperationsprogramm Interreg Central Europe
  • Hydrogen (H2) is a key technology for achieving Europe’s climate and energy goals. H2GreenTECH project is looking at cost-efficient ways to make the European economy more climate-friendly and less energy-consuming with the development of HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY.

    The goal is improve access and use of research infrastructure on hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and Austria with the establishment of One-stop-shop Hydrogen Center for enterprises, researchers and students till 2025.

    Furthermore we build-up competences on hydrogen technologies with developed three demonstration models for the practical demonstration of the developed prototypes and educational module.

    The H2GreenTECH project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria.

    • Kooperationsprogramm Interreg Central Europe (Fördergeber/Auftraggeber)