Master Thesis Seminar Gruppe I (SE)



FH-Prof. Mag. Dr.

 Dietmar Sternad , BSc MBA

Studiengangssemester 3. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS2,0
ECTS Credits3,0
Unterrichtssprache Englisch

On successful completion of this course students will:
get insight into empirical research methods for international business studies;
familiarize themselves with tools for conducting a literature review;
be able to identify the right method (both qualitative and quantitative methods) for their Master Thesis;
get an overview about the procedure concerning the Master Thesis as well as the Master Examination;
develop their Master Thesis synopsis and receive feedback during their writing process concerning the research topic, research question and the chain of reasoning;
get feedback from their colleagues in order to enhance their master thesis synopsis.

Completed course in Research Skills

The Master Colloquium will (1) provide students with information about the procedure, the timeline and the requirements of the whole Master Thesis and Master examination process; (2) will give the students an overview on conducting a literature review as well as on empirical research methods; (3) will help students to identify their research topic as well as their research question(s); (4) will support them with the preparation of their chain of reasoning; and (5) will provide them with qualified feedback on their Master thesis synopsis.

Guidelines delivered by the School of Management (required):
Citation Guideline
Examination Guideline
Master Thesis Guideline

External Literatur (recommended):
Saunders, M./Lewis, P./Thronhill, A. (2007): Research Methods for Business Students. 4h edition. Prentice Hall.

Salkind, N. J. (2006): Exploring Research. 6th edition. Pearson International Edition/Prentice Hall.

Marschan-Piekkari, R./Welch, C. (eds.) (2004): Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for International Business. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.

Papers (recommended):
Up-to-date papers concerning the topic will be provided during the course

Lecture: providing students with information on how to conduct a literature review and basic knowledge of empirical research methods.
Group discussion: will be used to give students feedback during their Master Thesis process.
Students will receive a written feedback of other students for their individual synopsis

Signed synopsis of the Master Thesis