Russian 4 (CEF A2-B1) (UE)

LV-KürzelRus 4
Studiengangssemester 4. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS3,0
ECTS Credits4,0

Upon the successful completion of Russian 4, students can:

communicate with business partners

write e-mail messages

describe the sights and impressions of a town

give information about holidays and parties

congratulate on special occasions

talk about future plans

make arrangements for a business trip

arrange business meetings

conduct business talks

make simple contract negotiations

understand written and audio messages

Positive completion of Russian 3

This course builds on the language topics covered in Russian 3. Therefore the following areas will be covered:

genitive of numerals

reflexive possessive pronoun

indication of time

indefinite numerals

ordinal numbers

indication of an approximate quantity

modal verbs "to need", "to must"

conjunctive mood

use of the particle "??"

verbs of motion with prefixes

verbal aspect (past tense, infinitive, imperative)

temporal clauses

Course participants will talk about the following topics:

sights and the impressions of a town

holidays and parties

future plans

In addition, students will also conduct conversations in the following situations:

special occasions (birthday, holidays, birth of a baby, new apartment, car etc.)

visiting a business partner in Russia, Ukraine, etc.

business meeting arrangements

business talks at a partner company in a Russian speaking country

simple contract negotiations

Loos, Harald and Anatoli Berditschewski: Projecty - Ein Russischlehrwerk für Beruf und Alltag. Ismaning, Hueber Verlag, 42004.

Hamann, Carola: Otlitschno! A2. Ismaning, Hueber Verlag, 2012.

Lecture and presentation, group work, pair work, role plays, learning games, blended learning, homework

Written exam (50%), oral exam (40%), active participation and homework (10%) according to CEFR (understanding, speaking, writing, grammar)